China Business Development Associates

"After 26 years advising global corporations on legal and investment decisions in
China and expanding my own China direct investments, I feel the opportunities in
China now are greater than ever.  The legal and regulatory environment surrounding
with large investments into China is becoming more transparent.  However, as foreign
MNCs have more choices regarding market entry into China the investment dollars
involved in making such investments have gone up significantly and the competitive
environment more intense, the financial and strategic impact of wrong decisions is
greater than ever."

“Most MNC look at China with awe and wonder; which can lead to some disastrous
choices and behaviors (valuations, business plans, organization management, etc).
Good business decisions are based on logic, real data and market place insight this is
as important here in China as elsewhere - if not more so. We help clients to match
their existing skills and capabilities to the nuances and dynamics of China - debunking
the myths, not requiring a 'leap of faith' and ensuring you stay in control of your

"After twenty years in China, the recent sweeping regulatory changes in China have
begun to level the playing field for Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE's)
operating in China. However, as the playing field levels out, the competition in the
marketplace become much more intense and the decisions more complex.      In the
past, the decisions faced by management often focused on China operational and
manufacturing issues.  The current fast changing highly competitive landscape in
China has led to more complicated decisions including complex domestic Chinese and
global competitive product/service considerations, China organization & operations
improvement, China organization structure & strategy issues, and a wide range of
other issues.  These considerations are complicated more by the complex legal,
business, and social environment in China.  In such a complicated environment, it is
essential that new market entrants, or existing market players who are considering
major strategic moves in China, are well advised by trusted counsel.”