China Business Development Associates
Merger & Acquisition Services

- Commercial Due Diligence Services:
CBDA has provided Commercial Due Diligence support on some of the largest
acquisitions in US – China business history.   Those support services include
Market Analysis, Pricing Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Facilities Analysis,
Manufacturing Capability Analysis, HR & Staffing related due diligence, and a wide
range of related commercial support.

- Legal Due Diligence Services:
Our CBDA legal team has been advising foreign corporations in China for over
twenty five years.  M&A legal support services have supported foreign business in
completing a wide range of small, medium, and large acquisitions in China since the
early 1980s.

- Accounting Due Diligence Services:
CBDA has China CPAs and US CPAs ready to assist with M& A due diligence
assignments as well as various other client accounting and finance needs.

- M& A Turnkey Services:

CBDA has the ability to offer clients complete turnkey M&A solutions from start to
finish including:

  • Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence Services
See above.

  • Go vs. No Go Decision Process
Once the Due Diligence data is collected, understanding the what the data means
and putting that data in the proper “China decision making context” is a key part of
making the correct decision.  CBDA offers seasoned China business experts from a
wide range of fields that can help bring focus and clarity to the data and package
that data in a format that makes the Client Decision Process easier and more

  • Post–Acquisition HR & Management Advisory Services
Once the acquisition is complete, many firms consider their job done.  CBDA offers
Clients the alternative of involving CBDA’s team in the Post-Acquisition Phase to
make sure that once the acquisition is complete that new entity is put squarely on
the road to success. That involvement may take the form of:

  • HR & Staffing Services to assist the Client in selecting the right mid level and
    senior management and putting the right performance measurement and
    compensation in place
  • Longer term CBDA involvement in Post Acquisition Management may be
    available on a case by case basis