China Business Development Associates
CBDA: Intervention Style

-        Process of ‘getting to know each other’ and determining what type of support is
best suited
: our experience is that through several rounds of discussions we will
together with you come up with the best design of the scope of work and avoid future
frustrations if we both invest sufficiently in the ‘design phase’

Team of analysts and associates custom-built for your intervention (skills
required, backgrounds, industries, etc.) however, even if they have never worked
together as this exact team before they all have common working practices and
approach through being a part of CBDA.

 White-box: We welcome participation from your own staff and management – if
appropriate, this can help to ensure that we maximize knowledge transfer to your
organization and that we are ‘in-tune’ with your company culture and skills – however,
where this is not possible we are fully comfortable of operating independently.

Enabling Action: we are focused supporting and enabling you in taking the
decisions and actions that you need to take. We are less enthusiastic about
providing you with reports and assessments that may remain on your shelves or be
debated at length internally; we are here to help you succeed in China – and to get
the results you want we want to see and to enable a ‘bias for action’.